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Electron TCM600 Music Intercom System

The Electron TCM600 Master system is no longer in production, however we still produce the GATE / DOOR stations and ROOM stations NEW, because of this it is still a viable option to have your Master system serviced.

Electron Gold Coast are the only Authorised agents for Electron systems on the gold coast.

Would you like to REPAIR your Electron TCM600 system?

We can repair this system for you. If you live outside the Gold Coast area you can post the system to us for a quote to repair. Please see the Support tab for instructions on how to remove your TCM600 for postage. alternatively you can book a service with one of our technicians to come to you. If you do decide to have your Electron product serviced, please avoid dissapointment and use an authorisd Electron service agent, you can contact our office for a authorised service agent near you.

Would you like to REPLACE your Electron TCM600 system?

If you are looking for a more modern look with the same features in your intercom system.The iCentral is a good option as the system will swap out your Electron without any patch up work to your walls and you can in most cases use the existing wiring. You can view the iCentral here.
This option can be very expensive, however you can in some cases have this system replaced under insurance, Please contact our office for more details on this.

You can download the TCM600 User Manual here

Electron Gold Coast stock a large range of parts and accessories for the Electron TCM and FX series intercoms. Use the left Navigation menu or click AUDIO INTERCOMS